Marcello De Feo

Marcello De Feo

Back-End Engineer & Meritocracy Advocate

Hello there, I am Marcello. I believe in hard work and servant leadership. I have lived a few different professional lives. I am a developer, former journalist, and a former restaurateur.

A Culinary History

I began working in restaurants at the age of 12. I started as a dishwasher, worked my way up to chef, and eventually owned two restaurants. My main restaurant was Valente's Cucina, a boutique modern Italian experience. Valente's was a 4.9 star restaurant clear across the board. It was a love letter to my family's matriarchs. As a first-generation Italian-American, cooking has always been in my blood and fresh pasta is at the core of nearly every dish I created.

Pasta from Valente's Cucina

The Journey to Journalism

In high school, I began writing for the Philadelphia Daily News. The publication created a for-teens by-teens section called "Fresh Ink." I wrote CD reviews, interviewed bands, and even did a little modeling. In college, I earned a dual BA in English and Fine Art with focuses on writing and digital design. I was elected the youngest Editor-in-Chief of our school's paper, The Hawk. After college, I moved to Colorado, where I became the Layout Designer and News Editor of the oldest consecutive daily publication in America, The Colorado Daily. I continued to do some freelance features writing from there as my career transitioned into tech.

The Developer is in the Details

Over the last two decades, I have been in the engineering/development world, working in full-stack, back-end, and database positions. First, I landed back at my alma mater in a Web Developer and Database Administrator position. There, I learned the fundamentals of Java, Oracle, and JavaScript.

As a developer, I have embraced the ever-evolving landscape of technology. From my early days learning Java and Oracle to diving deep into full-stack development, I have enjoyed the challenge of staying ahead in this dynamic field. Coding is more than a profession; it is a craft that I continuously hone with every project I undertake.

IKEA's Seasonal Launch Vehicle

As the Senior Developer for an ad agency for Fortune 500 companies, I was able to use cutting-edge technologies on highly-trafficked applications such as IKEA's Seasonal Launch Vehicle (SLV). I worked in both LAMP and .NET/C# stacks, but have always leaned towards the LAMP side of things.

At my current position, I have had the joy of test-driven development using full-stack JavaScript. I love using Node.js, React, NestJS, Azure DevOps, and more to build APIs on the back end, and designing full-fledged applications on the front end.

Leadership for me is not about titles or hierarchy. It is about setting an example, being part of the team, and pushing towards a common goal. Whether in the kitchen of Valente's Cucina or in a tech team, I have always aimed to lead with empathy, understanding, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

A Sum of My Experiences

This Radiant Boy

On a personal level, I have always seen myself as a lifelong learner and an enthusiast for all things creative and technological. My journey has been anything but linear, but every twist and turn has added a layer of depth to my skill set and world view.

Music, for instance, is not just a hobby but a parallel passion. I have played in bands, toured the east coast, and even now, I find joy in refurbishing guitars. It is a therapeutic process, taking something overlooked and bringing out its hidden beauty and potential.

Family is my anchor and inspiration. My wife and children are the bedrock of my world, inspiring me to strive for greatness and to leave a legacy of kindness, hard work, and creativity. Our home is filled with laughter, music, and, frequently, the smell of fresh pasta or a new tech project spread across the dining room table.

Then there is my love for storytelling and the Star Wars Galaxy. The narratives crafted by Filoni and Favreau resonate deeply with me, reminding me of the power of storytelling and its ability to unite, inspire, and entertain.